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With Olympic Gold Medalist Pat Powers

Pat Powers - Assistant Coaching Options

Coaches Attend For Free!

Every year VBClinics.Com provides instruction to hundreds of junior and adult volleyball players across the nation. Participation by high school and club volleyball coaches is always welcomed. The volleyball instruction method makes the clinic a valuable resource for learning skill development.

I have always encourage coaches to participate to promote a better understanding of the game and to provide deeper insight into how the game is played at a higher level. Non-verbal communication, peripheral vision and playing the game three seconds into the future are examples of how team sports are correctly played.

To promote the sport of volleyball, I allow a limited number of coaches to assist at each clinic on a complimentary basis (a $130 value on average.) Selected assistants are also encouraged to bring promotional material for their club program to handout to junior participants. Finally, in recognition of their time, assistants will receive a complimentary copy of the newly released "13 Secrets to Coaching Club and High School Volleyball."

In exchange, the assistants would give their time at the event. Assistants would: set balls for hitting lines, chip balls over the net for passing drills and run a Queen/King of the court game.

I do all the instruction at the clinic. From instruction, we progress to drills designed to teach players how to teach themselves-which they do quite effectively.

What is important is to be able to recognize what I am teaching and the concept behind each skill.

If selected, I will send you a protocol for the event along with an instruction sheet to familiarize you with my teaching methods.

Qualifications for assistants are:

  • High school coach, junior high or club coach.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to set balls.
  • Ability to chip balls over net for passing drills.
  • Positive coaching attitude!
  • Fun personality!

For more information, please email me and forward your experience. Be sure to include which clinic you are interested in attending.

Look forward to working with you!

Pat Powers